Selected Works

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on January 1, 2009

This is  a brief summary about some of my  experiences aside from my  painting. For unknown reasons, when I did a semester at the School of Visual Art (1980 – 81), I took classes in photography and video art, although my  great passion was painting. I tried to do both and in 1993, I was among the first students of the New York Film Academy, in New York City. Back to Italy,much later, in 2003, I did my first video Il Trono di Ulisse for the contemporary art museum, Mapp in Milano. In 2006 back in New York, I had the chance to direct  Church at Sea, a DVD produced by the Seafarer’s & International House. Two years later, my test on  the oil industry  which is now  a controversial topic, but a childhood memory for me, was produced  as  Wolf Chaser, after a piece composed by Eve Beglarian. The film was edited by Phil Hartley and finally shown as a video concert in some venues in New York City and abroad.

Street Fight, 1993,

One’s Case, 1995

Il Trono di Ulisse, 2003

The Battle of Anghiari, 2007

Church at Sea, 2007

Wolf Chaser, 2008 

Luci in the Sky, 2011

Sailing away to Paint the Sea, 2012

HandsInBlue, 2012

Mi piace il cinema e il video, che ho studiato per alcuni anni, oltre alla pittura. Non mi capita spesso, ma a volte ho avuto la possibilita’ di farlo a livello professionale.


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