Face Book

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on September 1, 2009

This summer I joined Face Book where I met old  friends and virtually new ones.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on May 15, 2009

Since May 2009 my work  is documented at the  National Museum of  Women in the Arts, in  Washington DC. I would like to thank the curator Kathryn A. Wat.



Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Roma

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on April 30, 2009

Beni Culturali have officially approved my work Kits, 1996, in the  contemporary art collection of  Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, GNAM, Rome.


Wolf Chaser, a collaboration

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on February 21, 2009

Violinist Mary Rowell will perform Wolf Chaser by composer Eve Beglarian with my video edited by Phil Hartley. February 21 at the Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. Wolf Chaser was first performed October 24, 2008 at The Times Center by violinist Ana Miloslavjevic.

Montauk at BAC, Baryshnikov Art Center

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on February 5, 2009

Montauk is a coreography by Liz Gerring dance company  performed at BACBaryshnikov Art Center in New York, February 5-8 2009.

I designed the set for Montauk after taking photos for  more then two years of the  Liz Gerring dance company rehearsals. Here is a video by Elisabeth De Ment and a nic review bu Guy Solomon on gay-city-news.

montauk set 2

Il set disegnato per la coreografa Liz Gerring e messo in scena al Baryshnikov Art Center, New York 2009, e’ frutto di un lavoro sulla danza contemporanea iniziato nel 2006 a New York. Ringrazio in particolare Dario Sbrana che mi ha aiutata a rendere graficamente ineccepibili le mie idee.

Anghiari Blu at Repubblica of San Marino

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on April 1, 2008

The unveiling of my  painting with the authorities of  San Marino Republic and  Giulia Ghirardi Borghese who donated my work, Battle of Anghiari Blu, to the  contemporary art collection of  San Marino.

san marino

Ringrazio vivamante Giulia Ghirardi Borghese e le autorita’ di San Marino.

Mappa Jenkins

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on October 30, 2007

Late 2007, I met Ian Jenkins who gave me the idea of creating a new map of central Italy based on Leonardo da Vinci’s map of Val di Chiana ( 1502-1503 ). I loved it. The towns, the villages and castles are still the same from Leonardo’s time.

mappa jenkins, part., cm 90 x 200 circa

Da un’idea di Ian Jenkins, una mappa della Toscana com’era ai tempi di Leonardo e com’e’ tutt’ora.

Collaboration with Mandy Kirschner

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on March 30, 2007

I met contemporary dancer Mandy Kirschner in 2006 when she was rehearsing ” when you lose something you can’t replace” a choreography by Liz Gerring performed at Danspace Projects, St. Marks Church, New York. An excellent  group of paintings came out a year later from that experience. Special thanks to all the dancers: Miguel Anaya, Robbie Cook, Rosalynde LeBlanc and Emma Stein.

Un pezzo nato dalla collaborazione con la danzatrice oggi nella compagnia di Steven Petronio, Mandy Kirschner.