Finis Terrae

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Oggi e’ il 19 Marzo 2020. Festa di San Giuseppe. Tra oggi e domani inizia la primavera. Una strana, contagiosa e malata primavera. Siamo in piena pandemia da coronavirus. E’ come la peste. Questo post continua un blog, vivawitt, iniziato perche’ volevo pubblicare eventi della mia generazione, quando non c’era internet. Riapro questo blog perche’….non ci si deve fermare mai. Il post e’ scritto in Italiano e in Inglese, che non ne e’ la traduzione. E’ una scrittura bilingue.


Cari amici italiani sono preoccupata per voi; allo stesso tempo credo sia meglio reagire e comunicarci le nostre idee, oltre a salvare la vita propria e degli altri. E’ come prendere un’altra distanza: non quella fisica, tra corpo e corpi, ma quella mentale, tra coscienze e conoscenza. Non sono riuscita a tornare in tempo in Italia. Vi scrivo da lontano, dalla fine del mondo. Da Eastport, Maine. Una piccola, stupenda e un tempo gloriosa citta’, tutta a Nord e a Est degli Stati Uniti, al confine del Canada.


Hi there, I am writing  a few  ideas during this surreal and horrific time for my Italian people. I have been in  Eastport Maine for several months now, and I am really lucky to be here; but I miss my sisters and my friends. I understand the fear; the panic.I would like to be there. Although, this, It may be a time to think: “It is in the thick of calamity that one gets hardened to the truth – in other words, to silence.” Albert Camus, wrote in his book, Le Plague,1947. I also hope that artists go back to work, art is not a career it is not a job it is a matter of living or not living.


Today is March 23rd I suggest my fellow artists in Italy and in New York to keep on painting, filming, projecting may be keeping up with the tradition of painting by the window. Here are some examples from the past.

E. Munch 1882


                         Marc Chagall 1924

Giorgio De Chirico, 1915.

Dear Elisabeth,
A young lady here in Eastport is showing her works by her house window. None can go inside. Just from the outside. It is a first step about what we were talking of :  showing one or more piece along Water Street from store windows. A drive in art shows, If the situation will get worse.
The other idea but probably more for the Italians, it is painting from home, by the window. I had this idea time ago, before the emergency. Because paintings by a window are very common in the art history and It may be considered a genre.

                                 Nelson Mandela.


Art is Adventure Not a Career – Letters from Halldora Arnardottir

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Art is Adventure not a Career

Letters to and from my Icelandic friend Halldora Arnardottir :

Hi Halldora, Jan 8

I hope you are well. This location is just beautiful but it has been difficult to face  the wind which is very strong. It is the only thing I still do not feel quite used to. Sometime I feel depressed but it hasn’t anything to do with Iceland. Or may be yes, the light. I wrote to Ruri twice, to thank her for the beautiful things she showed me of her works, but she hasn’t replied yet. I want to go to Akureyri but not this week. It is snowing right now.

2015-01-25 12.16.53-1Great to hear from you, Vittoria, I suppose the darkness doesn’t help if you are a bit sad, but on the other hand it is beautiful to see when the sun is rising! I remember it perfectly, around 11 am. Little by little the day becomes longer.The wind is something that you have to ‘used to’ – although there will be ‘cold still days’ as well, when you can listen to the cracking sound of the snow.

We continue and don’t forget to tell me when you open your bloodspot.




2015-01-25 13.13.52

Skagaströnd, in Iceland

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My new Official Website

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Dear friends, last summer 2013,  Andres David Carrara  designed my official website considering this blog , vivawitt , the archive of all my past work.

Here is my new website, and my new mail address:

Enjoy !


Enfatisti, New York 2013

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I will curate a show with Veronica Santi at 526 West 26th Street New York, opening October 24,  2013 where I will introduce to my American friends a group of young artists raised in the eighties by the art critic and historian Francesca Alinovi. The group’s name was: the Enfatisti (The Emphatists).


Battaglie, at Princeton University Library

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Hi there, my book after my show Battaglie, Arezzo 2003, is now in the art and archeology library at  Princeton University.

My Battle of Anghiari, at Princeton University

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Just a brief updating about my project, Il Leonardo Scomparso ( The Battle of Anghiari), started in 1996 and still quite alive. On April 15th, Prof. Martin Kemp  gave an amazing lecture, It doesn’t look Like Leonardo, at Princeton University, Dept of Art and Archeology. He helpfully also presented one of my last painting, Anghiari Giallo e Blu, 2012, from the series about the Battle of Anghiari.


Rose Blu at la casa di accoglienza delle donne maltrattate

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foto di gruppo2

Rose Blu

Rose Blu at La Casa delle Donne Maltrattate, Milano 2013

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March 20, 2013, via Piacenza 14. at 10:30. Presentation of  Rose Blu, part of my  polittico, Rose, a large work of 3 sections, pigment and cloth on canvas, a collage I realized in 1991 – 1992, whose single sections have been donated to different institutions and historical sites in Milano. Rose Blu has been donated to the Casa delle Donne Maltrattate( CADMI). 

invito milano

Sailing away to Paint the Sea … in Milano

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Cari amici, eccoci dunque all’appuntamento della mostra e consegna dei pezzi, circa 130 dell’edizione speciale, che ho dipinto al mio ritorno dal viaggio in nave nel mio studio a New York. La mostra aprira’ negli spazi della Galleria, ai Frigoriferi Milanesi in via Piranesi 10, il 7  Febbraio, alle ore 19. La consegna dei dipinti ai sostenitori del mio progetto che gentilmente un anno fa hanno acquistato un mio lavoro sulla fiducia, avverra’ il 10 Febbraio dalle ore 15 alle ore 19.

frigodiffusione 2013Press release

Dear friends, my show in Milano based on the project Sailing away to Paint the Sea will be opening February 7, 2013 at the futuristic space for the arts, the Frigoriferi Milanesi. Here, in the space called the Galleria, I will exhibit 130 paintings, 10 x 12 in, canvas on boards, most of which have been purchased last year to fund my project. Friends and supporters will withdraw their paintings on Sunday February 10th,  from 3pm to 7 pm.During the exhibition two films will be projected to document my journey on the freighter vessel Isolda which left the steel Tata factory in IJmuiden, Holland, on June 22, 2012 to arrive at the port of Cleveland, Ohio the morning of July 5th, 2012.