My Battle of Anghiari, at Princeton University

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Just a brief updating about my project, Il Leonardo Scomparso ( The Battle of Anghiari), started in 1996 and still quite alive. On April 15th, Prof. Martin Kemp  gave an amazing lecture, It doesn’t look Like Leonardo, at Princeton University, Dept of Art and Archeology. He helpfully also presented one of my last painting, Anghiari Giallo e Blu, 2012, from the series about the Battle of Anghiari.




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In 1990, I re – designed the grid of the starry sky mosaic set on the vault of  Galla Placidia Mausoleum in Ravenna Italy. Replacing the original asterisks with tennis balls. I have been working on this pattern for many years, but with different techniques. However,  I love  the  idea of having endless freedom of movement despite the fixed drawing of the byzantine mosaics. All these paintings are on cotton, acrylics primed canvas until 2007 and they all measure cm 200 x 200 ( in 78.74 x 78.74 ), to be on stretchers. Stelle painted  in 2010 and in 2011 are mostly on a  fluorescent yellow primed synthetic canvas, polyflax and polyester, all about cm 30 x 160 ( in 51.18 x 62.99 ), not to be on stretchers, but  nailed directly on the wall.

E’ una volta bellissima, quella del cielo stellato di Galla Placidia, solo che al posto delle stelle ho messo palle da tennis. Non  ce n’era bisogno, avrebbe detto il mio amico musicologo di Reggio Emilia. A me  l’idea pareva buona. Ho iniziato questo progetto nel 1990 e lo sto portando a termine in questi giorni a New York, Ottobre 2010.

Vittoria Chierici

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