the Eighties in Italia

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on October 7, 1984

I would like to inform about shows and performances which involved me and many other young artists in Italy in the second half of the eighties. There was not internet and some of these events are almost forgotten or only reckoned in our CV: temporary facts, may be, but  formative for those among us who lately  have been quite successful.

In 1984, I had a large work, oil on paper, in a group show, L’Immagine Alterata, curated by art critic Giacinto di Pietrantonio, al Posto, a pizzeria in Verona. The same year Giacinto organized two other shows with young artists from Bologna and Milano, Linee di Scambio, at Palazzo Farnese, Ortona (Chieti) and Banco di Prova, at S. Croce di Magliano, a town of very kind people down in Molise. In Milano,  Corrado Levi set up a  group show with the title: The Bigger Ever Sale, at Ringo’s Hair for Heroes, the most glamorous hair stylist and artist himself in Milano at that time. A year later, in 1985, I was invited by art historian and critic Marisa Vescovo to paint a mural at Frasso Telesino, Benevento for the festival: L’Uomo il Magico l’Arcano. I presented a picture to be painted in acrylics and  elaborated from pictorial elements of Puna culture, Indians from Central America.  In 1986 I had two pieces in a group show, Pittori e Pittura, curated by art historian Paolo Fossati at  Martano gallery, Turin. With other young Italian artists I was invited to work in loco for the show Rapido Fine, art works were realized inside the abandoned shoes factory Zenith  near Ferrara. In 1987, I was invited by art historian and critic Dario Trento to participate to Under 35, at  Art Fair in  Bologna.  I also was in the show curated by art critic Marco Meneguzzo, Premesse 3, Rondottanta, Sesto San Giovanni, Milano. In 1988, Corrado Levi organized the show Spunti di Giovane Arte Italiana, at Buades, art gallery in Madrid, Spain and  invited me to Collezioni Difficili, Art Fair in Florence. In 1989, I had a solo show in Bologna at Cassero organized by the Cultural Association of Cassero of the city of Bologna and curated by Dario Trento. A very lucky year: I was invited by art critic Loredana Parmesani and artist Aldo Spoldi to draw a logo for their art  association located in Crema: Banca di Oklahoma. In Milano I  did some other graphic jobs like the poster for the chamber orchestra Carme and a logo for the meeting  Decennio del Cervello organized by  Fidia pharmaceutics. With artists Ivo Bonacorsi and Mizio Turchet I had a wonderful time founding even for just a night the incredible Watteau Club, in Milano.


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