Early Nineties

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on December 16, 1990

In the early nineties, I didn’t find many documents on the internet, although some shows happened to be in important museums. There was no web at that time, at least in Italy. There was no necessity to be in it. Here is a list of these art shows. In 1990, art critic Claudio Cerritelli invited me in his group show Artefax.  It was organized by the city of Bologna at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna. That same year, at Palazzo Re Enzo, I was invited to participate in the show Via Col Vento, curated by  Maria Luisa Frisa and Dario Trento. The show was in remembrance of  the AIDS victims. In 1991, Fabio Sargentini and his gallery, l’Attico, in Rome organized  L’erba Voglio, a group show documented in a  catalogue published by Electa. The book is curated by Fabio Sargentini himself, Corrado Levi, Enrico Mascelloni and with contributions by Alberto Boatto, Vittoria Coen and Maria Luisa Frisa. In 1991, the art critic Enrico Mascelloni curated  La Collezione, a collection of young artist works  for the museum of Umbertide, Perugia. In the same year, I joined the group show, Arte Contemporanea, curated by  Giacinto Di Pietroantonio at Castellafiume, l’Aquila, Italy. A year later, in 1992, I was in the group show Retablo, at Palazzo Gotico in Piacenza, curated by Loredana Parmesani. In 1994, Mariano Apa invited me in another important group show, Trovare l’Immagine. The show was set up at Pinacoteca of Terni and documented by a nice catalogue. That same year, Mariano Apa invited me in the show La Natura, at Fossato di Vico, Perugia. In 1995, back to Bologna with a show curated by Dario Trento, La Pressione di due Generazioni (the pressing of two generations) at the art gallery Studio Ercolani, with catalogue. In 1992, I also designed the cover for the rock group Skiantos and in 1995 I was invited by the architect Corrado Levi to give a speech about women artists at the  Circolo della Rosa in Milano. In 1998, curator Fabiola Naldi invited me to have a solo show at the art space  Zoo, in Bologna where I presented my video  Street Fight. The same video was later  projected in the art festival Bologna Sogna (curators: Alessandra Borgogelli and Silvia Grandi).

Foglie was at group show L'Erba Voglio, Umbertide, Perugia, Italy 1991.


Una lista di eventi successi nei primi anni ’90, per ricordare gli  incontri  con tanti amici e quanto ci siamo divertiti.


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