Premio DAMS

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on March 4, 2001

The University of Bologna department of  DAMS (Art Music and Theater) the new  faculty founded by Italian vanguard writers, Gruppo 63 ( Marzullo, Eco, Barilli, Giuliani among others), gave me the very special Dams prize for being one of the first students also known as ” quelli del Dams“,  with other former students ( Marcello Jori, Freak Antoni, Pino Cacucci, Patrizio Roversi). The ceremony took place in Bologna, Italy, at Aula Absidale, S. Lucia, via de’ Chiari 23/a at 9 pm. You can also read about this new faculty and my being there as a pioneer in the early 70s on the magazine l’Espresso, article by Roberto Di Caro.


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