The Missing Leonardo in Chicago

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on March 14, 2006

A solo show of fifteen mixed media paintings on canvas about the Battle of Anghiari after Leonardo da Vinci at the Italian Institute of Culture in Chicago opening March.14, 2006. Thanks to the director Tina Cervone, I had the opportunity to come to Chicago  for the first time. I met very nice people: some Italians who live here and Americans who love Italy. My show was listed on  the Chicago Gallery News, April 2006.

From the press release: Vittoria Chierici’s reconstruction makes use of …slender remnants ( sketches by Leonardo) as the starting point for a series of images and graphic studies based on precise analyses of composition and perspective. After training as an art historian in Italy and United States, Vittoria Chierici had her first exhibitions – both solo and with other young artists of her generation in 1983 – 84 in Bologna, Milano and Turin.

Dopo la mostra alla Esso Gallery di New York, un’altra impresa, l’assolo su Leonardo a Chicago, in una primavera ventosa. Un grazie di cuore alla direttrice dell’Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Tina cervone.


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