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Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on April 30, 2011

Within a policy of donating to public spaces some of my best paintings of the nineties, here is a list of my works that recently  have been added to public collections, in Italy.

A large painting of the series Nello Spazio di una Mostra, painted in 1992, belongs now to the collections of contemporary art museum, MAGI.  Special thanks to director Vittoria Coen.

One painting from the series Anghiari, Rosso – Verde, 2001, will be permanently exhibited at the splendid library, La Vigna, in Vicenza, directed by Prof. Mario Bagnara. Special thanks to the art writer Maria Lucia Ferraguti who will introduce my work to the public next November 2011.

Caduti, 1993, one of my first battle scene, painted in 1996, will be property of  the ancient city of Budrio near Bologna. I thank mayor Carlo Castelli, art director, Lorella Grossi and counselor for culture, Giulio Perini. The painting will be permanently exhibited at the  Italian Army, barrack of the 6th Reggimento Trasporti.

Battaglia e Specchi, one my largest battle, painted  in 1996, will be soon part of the collection of the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra ( Italian Historical War Museum ) in Rovereto,Trento. A special thanks to director Camillo Zadra.


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