Sailing away to Paint the Sea, back to reality

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on July 7, 2012

Dear  friends, I am back to reality, in New York City, after  such an emotional and intense adventure which will deeply influence my way of living and doing art.

I spent 14 days of straight navigation, through the all kind of  “waters”:  ocean, river and lakes, with the most incredible people, crew members and officers of the polish shipping company, PZM, and three more respectable young passengers.

I wish to thank,  in particular, captain Z. Ksiezopolski who made this journey interesting and pleasant for us foreigners, also during the rough navigation with 25 knots wind  in the British Channel and in the Newfoundland great banks area. I also wish to thank Fred Cherney of the Cruise People agency who organized my trip and gave me the best advice ever.

A few notes, impressions and images about my journey on the bulk carrier, Isolda, departed  from the harbor of Ijmuiden, Holland with tons of steel coils to be discharged in US region of the Great Lakes, are summoned up briefly in this site:

And please have a look at some photos:

I have been working a lot in these days of navigation, taking photos and  a digital log of the entire journey, but the most important adventure has been painting in a sort of en plain air spirit,  out on the deck B, not to copy waves or sunsets tones, but  abstractly trying to depict with my fast gesture the living spirit of the Ocean’s body.

I will now adjust and organize all the visual material in my studio, in order to show you some significant paintings on October, 2012, in the enchanting library at SUNY Maritime College, in New York. Date will be announced.

Best regards.


” Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins ? ”  Herman Melville



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