Art is Adventure Not a Career – Letters from Halldora Arnardottir

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on January 26, 2015

Art is Adventure not a Career

Letters to and from my Icelandic friend Halldora Arnardottir :

Hi Halldora, Jan 8

I hope you are well. This location is just beautiful but it has been difficult to face  the wind which is very strong. It is the only thing I still do not feel quite used to. Sometime I feel depressed but it hasn’t anything to do with Iceland. Or may be yes, the light. I wrote to Ruri twice, to thank her for the beautiful things she showed me of her works, but she hasn’t replied yet. I want to go to Akureyri but not this week. It is snowing right now.

2015-01-25 12.16.53-1Great to hear from you, Vittoria, I suppose the darkness doesn’t help if you are a bit sad, but on the other hand it is beautiful to see when the sun is rising! I remember it perfectly, around 11 am. Little by little the day becomes longer.The wind is something that you have to ‘used to’ – although there will be ‘cold still days’ as well, when you can listen to the cracking sound of the snow.

We continue and don’t forget to tell me when you open your bloodspot.




2015-01-25 13.13.52


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