Genus Bononiae

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Genus Bononiae is the biggest city organization about arts and music in the town of Bologna, Italy. Genus Bononiae has  a very important collection of contemporary art and one of my painting about the Battle of Anghiari, purchased in 2006 by the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation is now officially listed in this collection.

Viaggio in Italia, 5 lectures at the Scuola Italiana of the Greenwich Village, NYC

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Virtual Journey through the Italian Art Labyrinth:

Five meetings with artist and art historian Vittoria Chierici

Saturdays 2:00 – 4:00 pm, October 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17

Vittoria Chierici, a prominent artist from Bologna, will present Italy as a collection of small towns enriched by their historic centers bearing profound histories that lead to extending paths in art, culture, and time. Students attending will construct a virtual voyage based on places where they have visited or have yet to see. Most of these unique spots are off the tourist path and will present our participants with terminology not only useful for a journey but leading to a greater understanding of their artistic culture.

Chierici will conduct her journeys primarily in Italian.

Sailing away to Paint the Sea, the film

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Hi there, here is the link to Youtube to watch a short about my experience on the ship Isolda.This film has been produced and edited by David Roy and it will be premiered at the Stephen B Luce Library Oct. 18 during the opening of my show, 3 pm.


CGIL, art collection, Rome.

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Here is a very nice view of my painting: Untitled, 1990, a polittico of 6 pieces that are now hanging at the major Italian Union, the CGIL,  in Rome. Thanks to Patrizia Lazoi, director of this collection and to Dario Canali, who, by the way, took this photo, just a day ago.

Sailing away to Paint the Sea at Stephen B. Luce library, SUNY Maritime College, NYC.

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SUNY Maritime College

6 Pennyfield Avenue, Throgs Neck, NY 10465
Tel. 718 409-7236 Fax 718 409-4699

Sailing Away to Paint the Sea: solo show of 20 paintings – 10 x 11 inches, canvas on wood panels, and screening of a video journal of my trip, edited by David Roy, with music by Charles Edmund Briggs, at Stephen B. Luce library, SUNY Maritime College, in New York City. The show will be a special event: a unique opportunity to present to the students and teachers my new project, based on a journey on the freighter ship Isolda of the PZM polish company, which left Europe, on June 22 2012, from the Tata Steel Factory in IJmuiden, Holland and arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, after 14 days of  straight navigation.

The show will open on Thursday, October 18 2012 at 3pm and will last three weeks, until November first. The show will be open also on Saturdays and Sundays. Please, check the schedule of the library for the visiting hours:

Sailing away to Paint the Sea, show at SUNY Maritime College

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Marianne Boesky – Lucie Fontaine – Estate, 2012

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Hi there,
my small but rich piece, La Mamma tra le Stelle, 2011, will be part of the group show, Estate, organized by art gallery Lucie Fontaine at Marianne Boesky  town house gallery. Opening, 15 September from 6 to 8 pm, at 118 E 64th Street, New York. The show will last until October 15. Very welcome to come.

Luci in the Sky, a nice review.

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Vittoria Chierici è pittrice e film maker. Nata a Bologna nel 1955 e qui laureata all’Alma Mater Studiorum  nel 1979 in Storia dell’Arte presso il DAMS (Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo). Ha vissuto in diverse città, tra cui Milano e New York, dove attualmente risiede e opera.
Nel 2007 assiste con interesse, durante una sua sosta a Bologna, alla nascita dello Smart Optical Sensors Observatory, un sistema di video monitoraggio automatico per i fenomeni in atmosfera del CIPH, Comitato Italiano per il Progetto Hessdalen.
Lei, visual artist, percepisce particolarmente l’originalità delle immagini raccolte dalle telecamere di monitoraggio dei fenomeni in atmosfera frutto della casualità, delle performance delle telecamere ad alta sensibilità  ma anche dalla moltitudine delle cose e degli eventi che appaiono nella bassa, media e alta atmosfera: tutti elementi importanti per un creativo.
L’irrompere nello schermo video di uccelli in volo, ma anche in sosta presso le telecamere con il loro sbattere di ali per mantenere un equilibrio precario, appoggiati alle strutture portanti, intervallati dalle luci di posizione di aerei solcanti i corridoi a loro riservati, ma anche il comparire fuggevole di meteore e bolidi, il cadere di fiocchi di neve, l’alternanza di albe e tramonti della nostra Luna, ai quali si affiancano, meno rari di quello che si potrebbe pensare, eventi ancora in massima parte da comprendere nei loro complessi meccanismi, come i TLE, Transient Luminous Events, i “fenomeni luminosi transitori” che devono alle loro incredibili dimensioni e collocazioni (chilometri di ampiezza ad una altitudine dai 40 ai 90 chilometri) ma anche alla loro cortissima vita, (millesimi di secondo, tanto da rendersi, praticamente, invisibili all’occhio umano) i loro esotici nomi: Red Sprite, folletti rossi, Elves,  elfi, Pixies (mitica creatura del folklore celtico), ecc.
Il CIPH colleziona questa casistica per l’artista bolognese che ha in mente un “film d’arte”, ovvero un montaggio dei vari spezzoni, da questo insieme nasce “Luci in the sky”, una traccia visiva diretta da  Yuko Takebe accompagnata dalla musica originale al violino elettrico di ANA Milosavljevic sotto la supervisione di Vittoria Chierici: il team di Luci in the sky.Luci in the sky
Il video
Painting di Vittoria Chierici
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Sailing away to Paint the Sea, back to reality

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Dear  friends, I am back to reality, in New York City, after  such an emotional and intense adventure which will deeply influence my way of living and doing art.

I spent 14 days of straight navigation, through the all kind of  “waters”:  ocean, river and lakes, with the most incredible people, crew members and officers of the polish shipping company, PZM, and three more respectable young passengers.

I wish to thank,  in particular, captain Z. Ksiezopolski who made this journey interesting and pleasant for us foreigners, also during the rough navigation with 25 knots wind  in the British Channel and in the Newfoundland great banks area. I also wish to thank Fred Cherney of the Cruise People agency who organized my trip and gave me the best advice ever.

A few notes, impressions and images about my journey on the bulk carrier, Isolda, departed  from the harbor of Ijmuiden, Holland with tons of steel coils to be discharged in US region of the Great Lakes, are summoned up briefly in this site:

And please have a look at some photos:

I have been working a lot in these days of navigation, taking photos and  a digital log of the entire journey, but the most important adventure has been painting in a sort of en plain air spirit,  out on the deck B, not to copy waves or sunsets tones, but  abstractly trying to depict with my fast gesture the living spirit of the Ocean’s body.

I will now adjust and organize all the visual material in my studio, in order to show you some significant paintings on October, 2012, in the enchanting library at SUNY Maritime College, in New York. Date will be announced.

Best regards.


” Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins ? ”  Herman Melville


Sailing away to Paint the Sea, the blog

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Sailing away to Paint theSea

Here is a new blog about my new project, Voglio viaggiare su una Nave per Dipingere il Mare – Sailing away to Paint the Sea.