CGIL, art collection, Rome.

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on October 3, 2012

Here is a very nice view of my painting: Untitled, 1990, a polittico of 6 pieces that are now hanging at the major Italian Union, the CGIL,  in Rome. Thanks to Patrizia Lazoi, director of this collection and to Dario Canali, who, by the way, took this photo, just a day ago.


Senza Titolo, at the CGIL art collection, Rome

Posted in my news by vittoria chierici on June 7, 2012

I would like to thank  Patrizia Lazoi, curator of the large and valuable art collection, property of the major Italian union company, the CGIL, Roma, to have welcomed my  painting, Senza Titolo ( 1990 – 1993 ), a large work of 6 pieces for a size of cm 300 x 300, oil, acrylics and paper, on cotton canvas..